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Cielo (Chey-lo) Blu, Italian for “Blue Sky” was established in 1996 by Darryl A. Featherstone, “Blu”. Most important, we have lived with, observed, studied and bred the Cane Corso since 1996. According to Cielo Blu, “The Cane Corso is a majestic mastiff breed that should exude confidence and valor while maintaining a servant like mentality towards his/her owner. As I have watched the Cane Corso grow in popularity over the years, the breed has maintained an “Old World” mystique. In order to maintain the authenticity of the breed, I have implemented careful selection of the strongest specimens to produce a true “working mastino.”

As a result of my observation as a working dog enthusiast, it is my opinion that in America we focus heavily on how beautiful a dog is to the degree of obsession. This mindset neglects the actual plan and purpose that the dog has been created to perform. Therefore, at Cielo Blu, our focus is to produce cane corsos that are loyal and fearless at the same time. In other words, your Cielo Blu Cane Corso will be a true representation of the breed that will not only look like, or have desirable confirmation but will have the distinct ability to compete with other working dogs in dog sports like Shutzhund and PSA.

Di Guardia's Echo di Cielo Blu
daughter of Gr. Champion Prince del Cerberus, 7 years old, 27 inches at the withers, 115 lbs


Quentin Bembry and Corina 

“Quentin Bembry” noteworthy pioneer of the Cane Corso in America pictured with one of the matriarchs of Cielo Blu, Corina at a 1993 FIC dog show.
Our cornerstone dog was DiGuardia’s Echo Di Cielo Blu. Echo was a daughter of import Grand Champion Prince Del Cerberus. When noteworthy enthusiast Mike Sotile, introduced these dogs to a small group of people in America during the late 80’s, Quentin Bembry of Maryland who was also at the cutting edge of the inception and the introduction of the Cane Corso here in America, imported the “granddaddy” of Cielo Blu, Carico. Because Corico was in the US prior to the International Cane Corso Federation’s (aka CCA) establishment, while he was/is registered by the ICCF, they were not able to trace his lineage. This is where Cielo Blu’s line begins. 


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Cielo Blu Cane Corso  -  Founder, Darryl A. Featherstone
We are located in the State of Maryland.
Ph: 202 441-4550  -  Email: info@cieloblucanecorso.com

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